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...No matter where his music takes him, Hornyak knows to where he must return.

“This will always be my real home,” he said of Mercer County, “because of the people I know who have known me for 20, 25 years, since I was a little kid. But, I’ve been in Austin long enough that I talk about Austin how it used to be.”

"A rising star in American roots Rock, or just plain get down gooooooood music!"

"Rick Hornyak [...] stopped by the studios of "Live from Studio 5!" and boy, are we glad he did!"

"My toes were tapping, and Doug and MJ were impressed as well.  Unfortunately the night went too fast."

Read the full review:

"When I see people dancing and singing along, letting loose, it’s just fills me with joy.  I usually can’t sleep for a few hours when I get back to my room at the end of the night." - Interview with Rick Hornyak

"...A young Kenny Rodgers [with] warm, smooth vocals..."

"While bands are attempting to look back at the folk of the sixties, Rick Hornyak is creating a modern folk that never ceases to innovate."

"Rick, with a rugged manly Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" voice, sings with a hint of earnest sorrow of love lost and the confusion of new love found as you might come to expect from a country Americana/honky-tonk record, but adds a signature shot of 60's Bob Dylan folk storytelling, surprisingly a little funk and Austin guitar influences to the mix."

"From start to finish Marigold by Rick Hornyak is one impressive catalog of music. The music is consistent, uplifting, and extremely entertaining. Note for note, song for song there isn’t really a weak piece on this entire catalog. [...] The songwriting and vocal presence from front Rick Hornyak is world-class."

Download the interview from

"Marigold is bound to attract attention, even in a music-laden town the likes of Austin. The production is professional, the instrumentation is appropriate for the tracks and the musicality is tight. And the “delving slightly into Country, but not all the way” lends originality to the album. Just fun, honest and good."

"Overall, Marigold garners a solid A review."

"The album 'Marigold' is more than a successful entrance for Rick Hornyak into the great world of Texas country music.  Now a confirmed victor."

Click here to view outline of the podcast, which features Chris O'Connell, Dolly Varden, and others.

Click here to listen to the podcast.  Rick Hornyak is featured at about minute 50:00.

"Just when you think you're in for a long, slow set of rural storytelling, he rocks you with a song such as "So Let Down," and you swear it's Eddie Vedder with a country-tinged voice."

"What makes a hard working union man in Pennsylvania suddenly decide to chuck everything aside and head to Texas? That’s one of the things I made sure I asked Rick Hornyak when we spoke. A singer/songwriter with a great gift for lyrics, Hornyak is currently embarking on one of several short tours planned for 2012 in support of his new CD, “Marigold.” I recently talked to Rick about his music, his passions and, of course, why Texas?"

"It was about three songs in, on the second listening of Rick Hornyak’s new CD, “Marigold,” that I put my finger on how to best describe his sound. The Austin, Texas resident, by way of Clarks Mills, Pennsylvania, was spinning beautiful stories that made my mind wander. And then it hit me. Hornyak’s music is best described as Mike Nesmith (his solo stuff (“Different Drum”), not his Monkees years) meets Jimmy Buffett. Like Nesmith, who hailed from Houston, Hornyak has a smooth, folksy delivery that emphasizes the moods of each song. Like Buffett, his lyrics tell amazing stories."

"Hornyak, who has made a living solely from music since 2005, said he has reached a level of happiness that startles even him. 'I almost don’t want to believe it sometimes,' he said. 'Just trying to enjoy it.'"

Radio interview & Headliner performance, broadcast on WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, WSAJ 91.1 FM Grove City, WCUC 91.7 FM Clarion, WIUP 90.1 FM Indiana, WNJR 91.7 Washington, and WMCO 90.7 FM New Concord. Listen to the full interview.

Featured in Americana Roots Review Show #86.

Download the podcast here.

"An album that I definitely did not get enough of it."

"Twelve honest songs with strong melodies and accessible on his personal struggles in life."

"A delicate marriage between classic rock and Texas country sounds."

Featured in "Americana Rock Mix: Episode 107 - A Sigh of Relief."

Download the podcast which features reviews of albums and samples of songs such as "Far From Home" and "Right In Front of Me," as well as songs from Ben Harper, Buxter Hoot'n, and other artists: click here.

The band performed at the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon, just shy of the finish line.  A rainy day, but the runners are cheerful!!  Watch Video

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